About this blog

Written by your chocolatier, this blog is here to talk in details about the creation of my little precious chocolates. I will add posts until I get to cover every item so check back often, or subscribe to the Rss feeds, it works!

Chocolats Meurens

was born from a passion. The passion for delicious chocolate.
Not only dark chocolate, but also milk which can be very intense, and white that can be so fresh it tastes like ice cream.
Sweet, filled with real things: nuts, fruits, creams, more chocolate.
Not industrial, this is personal.
Made in Queens, NY, by a musician who came to New York with a saxophone, and a few pounds of chocolates which all melted on the way from the airport. It was the middle of August, 51°F/11°c in Belgium and 99°F/37°c in New York.
It was the beginning of a quest. A quest for life and the chocolate soon became not only a comfort food, the “food from home”, it also created enthusiasm and sparkles in the eyes of the people who would come around my way. And after years of refining my personal craft while working in some of NY’s busiest restaurants, playing music, doing webdesign on the side, and in the middle of it raising a lovely daughter, while thinking about importing my favorite chocolates from the homeland, I realized that I had it in me! That both my mother and father’s families where in the world of sweets (ice cream and fruit syrups respectively) and that it was time to honor these lovely traditions, bring the to the New World, and enter the fabulous world of sweet creations.
Imagine all the good things that go with chocolate…

My site shows most of the truffles and chocolate bar I offer. I can create a flavor, or a style just for you.
Visit my main site.

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