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Custom Chocolate Bars

A Custom Chocolate Bar

How to get chocolate exactly the way you want

This chocolate bar fits well in the hand, it is not too common around here, in America, but in Europe, and for sure in Belgium we have tons of them. Filled with praline, with fondants, with coffee, vanilla, fruits, so sweet, so soft inside, or crunchy. Not much spicy or savory I have to say. But they’re always there at the breakfast table, at the afternoon snack, when watching TV in the evening. Here the more common bar seems to be a thin, flat piece of chocolate to with one can only add dry items such as dry fruits, nuts or other candies, but there’s no room for filling.

Custom Filling

So here’s my challenge, how to make this bar as popular as it should be!

I tried offering tons of options on my site or on…

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