Cappuccino Truffle

Third one of the Coffee Serie, the Cappuccino is simply a coffee ganache in a white chocolate shell. The creaminess of the white chocolate smooths the inside just like the froth does in the drink. Sometimes the shell gets so thin you can see the dark filling through.

White Chocolate Coffee Truffle

Cappuccino Praline: Coffee in White Chocolate

The filling, exactly the same as in the Espresso Praline and Café au Lait Praline, is made in several steps:
Heavy cream, infused with ground coffee then partially filtered, so some of the grounds stay in, adding texture to the flavor.
Cognac, also infused with ground coffee.
And thick dark chocolate is mixed in to make the ganache.

Finally, the bottom is with 70%dark chocolate for an extra kick.

The Cappuccino praline is part of the Coffee Serie.

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