Café au Lait Truffle

That’s a pretty one. It’s also the only milk chocolate available in our collection at the moment..

Milk Swirl Chocolate coffee truffle

White and Dark Chocolate filled with a Coffee ganache with Cognac

The shell is made of a mix of  white and dark chocolate. That’s right, that’s how you do a beautiful caramelly milk chocolate. For this purpose, we need perfectly tempered white chocolate at its warmest, and dark chocolate at its coldest, so that when they get together they will interact harmoniously. They are then poured in the same recipient, stirred no more then 4 times so they don’t get too homogeneous, and then quickly poured into the mold, where they’re going too keep these beautiful ceramic-like swirls.

The filling is made in several steps:
Heavy cream, infused with ground coffee then partially filtered, so some of the grounds stay in, adding texture to the flavor.
Cognac, also infused with ground coffee.
Finally, thick dark chocolate is mixed in to make the ganache.

Also, the bottom is 70%dark chocolate for an extra kick.

Pairing suggestions:
First recommendation is of course a Caffe Latte, prepared the way you like.
If you like it neat, it will be great with a Cognac of course, a Bourbon, or a glass of Amaro.
If you prefer it on the rocks, get an Cointreau or Grand Marnier.
Another chilled way would be the creamy Brandy Alexander, or in a completely different direction a fruity drink with Rum such as Rumble or MaiTai, with Gin go for a Singapore Sling.
In all cases I recommend a glass of water to rinse the mouth between sips and bites!

This truffle is available in the Coffee Serie. You can find it at

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