A Strawberry Absinthe Buttercream Truffle in Dark Chocolate, the 2013 version is in the classic diamond shape for a refined tasting experience.

Strawberry Absinthe Chocolate truffle

Strawberry Absinthe Dark Chocolate truffle

The organic freeze-dried raspberries are soaked in the absinthe, which takes a pink color and then included in the white chocolate buttercream.

The previous version was a Strawberry Absinthe Buttercream Truffle in Milk Chocolate: it completes the Berry Serie.

Strawberry Absinthe Buttercream

  Strawberry Absinthe Buttercream, with a touch of lemon, in milk chocolate.

Made with fresh organic strawberries, cooked with lemon, sugar and absinthe (I’m thinking replacing the sugar with honey for the next version), mixed in a milk chocolate buttercream, thinly coated in dark chocolate, then dipped in milk chocolate and sprinkled with bits of organic freeze-dried strawberries.
It’s inspired from a drink  I got last summer, a strawberry rye sour, a take on the classic cocktail Rattlesnake. No rye whiskey here. But a lot of strawberries, and a dash of absinthe.
It is meant to make you feel like you just entered Pinocchio’s Land of Toys.

Pairing recommendations: Champagne, or champagne rosé, any kind of sour cocktail, a milkshake or a  fresh orange juice.

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