Chocolate Party Tray

This is what you want to bring to a party, or just make one person really, really happy!
Prom left to right: Pistachio, Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Raspberry, Chocolate Mousse.

5 Varieties, 5 times each

Yes, I also enjoy taking pictures of chocolate with a cell phone!

The Pistachio Praline is dark chocolate 70%, decorated with organic pistachio powder and filled with a pistachio buttercream.
The Fraise Sauvage is a buttercream truffle made with fresh organic strawberries and a touch of absinthe, rolled in a thin layer of dark chocolate, then dipped in milk chocolate, and decorated with crumbles of organic freeze-dried strawberries.

The Stracciatella refers to the bits of dark chocolate and organic caramelized hazelnuts mixed in a passion fruit buttercream. Rich, creamy and dreamy. Originally designed to be paired with an aged Scotch. Try it without moderation as the praline has no alcohol.

The Framboise is a recipe that’s been evolving over time. Taking organic fresh raspberries and cooking them into a jam, cooled off with a drop of cognac will form one layer on the inside, then another layer is a dark ganache made with almond milk and hazelnuts, so this praline is now dairy-free.

The Chocolate Mousse is an old favorite of mine for a pure chocolate pleasure. This one also is made with almond milk and suitable for vegans. There’s a bed of roasted caramelized organic hazelnuts in the bottom.

I like to call this box “Souvenirs from Fairyland”. It’s an instant transport into some kind of magical childhood. I’d like to think they serve this in Pinocchio’s land of toys. But, hey, I make sure it’s available on earth!

I’m proud to say that all the recipes are original.

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