Coffee and chocolate

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First, I’m going to talk about two of my favorites things: Coffee and Chocolate!

6 Coffee truffles in dark, milk and white chocolate

Coffee truffles variations in dark, milk and white chocolate

Letting the coffee express itself through the chocolate. I like it strong and smooth, slightly bitter,  not too sweet for sure it has to stay crisp and invigorating. Coffee likes cream, coffee likes sugar, coffee likes roasted nuts too. I like to try different things. I did a vegan truffle with Grappa once, also I tried using essences, or I even went on the corner to get a fresh brewed espresso,

but these are too watery to make a good filling. Right now, I’m using my favorite ground coffee, Lavazza that is, and infuse it in hot organic heavy whipping cream for the filling, usually leaving in half of the ground beans for crunchy texture. I also let fresh coffee infuse in cognac for a gorgeous mix.

Espresso Mousse Chocolate Bar

Espresso mousse chocolate bar with a touch of Cognac

Chocolate and coffee assortments and variations

I do a dark chocolate mousse bar, a white chocolate walnut coffee buttercream called Manon, and a variation of coffee ganache in dark, milk and white chocolate.

Here’s the coffee truffles on my site: New York City Coffee Truffles

I will talk in detail about all of these in separate posts. But I want to add something about coffee. Have you ever went to Italy by car? Have you ever experienced how incredibly better coffee is, even in a gas station?

Manon chocolate bar

Manon: White Chocolate Coffee Buttercream

If you know the difference, in New York City, between the old coffee from the deli and the new hipster coffee bar, which is good, and made with love, but still quite bitter because that’s always how it is here, well if you know that difference and you know that the coffee on a highway in Switzerland or France can be simply undrinkable, then you may know that, pretty much in Italy, you can have that small, smooth and incredibly strong espresso ristretto, and nothing can beat that. Even my best work, but I try, I try so hard to give you a strong, yet subtle sensation at every bite.

Empty shells awaiting for the coffee ganache

Coffee truffles in the making

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