Serie Berry

Chocolate truffles with red fruits and berries.

imageA whole new serie.
The second in our collection.
6 truffles full of red fruits:
Framboise: Raspberry and cognac gianduja, a hazelnut paste, in dark chocolate
Fraise:  Fresh strawberry and absinthe buttercream in milk chocolate
Cassis: Ganache with Crème de Cassis, a blackcurrant liquor, in white chocolate

The chocolate used is the best imported from Belgium a mix of 70% and white for an extra dark kick, and most  fruits are organic!

These pralines are handmade weekly in small batches, using only high-quality ingredients. Each piece have a specific flavor profile and we recommend you take your time to enjoy them each as a single experience. They will arrive to you carefully wrapped in a thermal mailing package, and will stay fresh and delicious about 2 weeks at room temperature.
Just add a note if you wish to send this as a gift.

See our complete collection at, and learn more about the making of these chocolates on

This product contains a very small amount of liquor.


You can keep these in your refrigerator but it is recommended to remove them at least half an hour before enjoying so the inside will be soft and sumptuous.
Products are packed in thermal envelopes containing dry ice, as heat is the great enemy of fine chocolate. If your product arrives damaged let us know as soon as you receive it!
Enjoy, and check  my auctions, and great feedback on eBay!

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