Raspberry Praline

3 Layers of Raspberries

Raspberry and chocolate, another one of my favorite combinations.
Think ice cream, think german cake…
But what we got here is a whole different story.

What I’m trying to do here is more the result of what would produce a raspberry bush made out of chocolate, in some kind of fairyland.
The raspberry and chocolate are assembled and layered in different combinations :

On top, a powder of freeze dried organic raspberries. Pure, unsweetened, tangy.
A shell of 70% dark chocolate for an intense feel.
Inside, a layer of raspberry puree with sugar and cognac for a soft, juicy sensation.
And a layer of raspberry ganache, that is organic heavy cream, thick dark chocolate, and organic raspberry essence.
I made a version with Gianduja, a hazelnut paste, and one without. My heart swings in between, the version with Gianduja is more complex, almost woodier, as the version without is more straightforward.
For the time being I will keep on alternating according to my mood, until I find the final version.

This truffle is available in our new Berry Serie

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